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Update your PC, Laptop, iPhone, iPad and Mac NOW!

According to Apple their Macs, iPhones, iPads and Apple TV are all hit by a flaw in chips that they use which could let attackers access sensitive information.

Design flaws in processors from leading chipmakers, Intel, AMD and ARM could effect most of your computer devices.  One vulnerability, dubbed “Meltdown,” is known to affect Intel chips. The other, called “Spectre,” could affect chips from AMD and Arm as well.

What to do?

– You should apply the first available security updates from the companies who make the software on your devices, like Microsoft Windows, or Apple for iOS.
– Update to new versions of iOS and MacOS released today to protect iOS web browser
– Carry out Windows updates as they are released
– Only download software from trusted sources such as Apple App Store
– Since hackers would have to install malware on your computer, do your best to make that harder for them by keeping all your software up-to-date;  run security software to make sure you don’t have any malicious software on your computer right now;  look out for phishing emails, emails that trick you into clicking on a link and downloading malicious software are still the number one way for hackers to get on your computer.

… for further advice and help to update your device and carry out security scans please call our help desk 01572 770653



Social Engineering

Human behaviour continues to be one of the weakest links in an organisation’s cyber security. Amanet Ltd are curently providing a planned penetration testing service for some of our high profile clients, whose staff have access to sensitive personal and financial information, and consider themselves vulnerable. Tests are taylored to the individual organisation and include a range of attacks designed to assess detection of spurious phone calls and email messages. The service evaluates how staff respond to social engineering attacks by mirroring real-world techniques such as phishing and vishing designed to trick them into disclosing sensitive information and performing malicious actions. The sole purpose is to improve employee cyber awareness.

If you are concerned or suspect that your organisation is vunerable please contact us for more information.

Project Borneo 2017

Help us support Freya in her latest community project!

I really need some help to fund my next community project.

Having had an amazing and successful trip to Ghana in 2014 where I worked with a group from my school in a small village community (helping with among other things, the construction of accommodation and a school), I’ve planned to do something similar in Borneo this July before results day, and if all goes well with those results starting at Medical School in September.

I will be taking part in a community project in a rural area of Borneo where the majority of people are living below the poverty line and don’t have access to proper housing, education facilities, medical treatment or even reliable clean drinking water.

The funds raised will go towards expedition costs and buying the resources needed to carry out the community work whilst I am out there.

We will also be spending sometime trekking and doing some conservation work with the Orangutans! So there will be some down time!

I will try to post more information in the next few weeks with more details of the trip.

Thank you so much for reading this and any contribution will be much appreciated.

Freya X

Security Bulletin – Ransomware

Judging from the phone calls we’re receiving today our customers are quite rightly concerned about the Rasomware attack highlighted at the weekend by the shutdown of services at the NHS. There is a lot of talk in the media about what you should and should not do so I thought a bulletin from Amanet may help.

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