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Goodbye Windows 7 – but why are people still using it?

If you are one of the 27% of Windows users still running Windows 7 be advised that Microsoft officially began the Windows 7 end of life phase on 14th January 2020.

Windows 7 has been, and still is a very reliable and stable operating system. Many users have been loathed to replace what is not broken and possibly introduce new problems! Your Pc will not just stop working in January, however Microsoft will stop supporting it on that day. This means no more feature updates and no more security patches.

Microsoft has traditionally launched new versions of Windows every few years, retiring old code and software architecture in favour of newer, safer methods. Now, more than a decade after launching Windows 7, they are retiring the operating system. They have pledged that Windows 10 is ‘the last version of Windows’, there won’t be any new versions. All you have to do is keep your computer patched with the latest updates and you won’t ever have to move to ‘Windows 11’ or ‘Windows 12’. Windows 10 has improved considerably in recent years so there are many benefits. We therefore strongly advise that you consider upgrading to Windows 10. We would also suggest upgrading if you are still on any of the other legacy Windows Operating systems such as Vista or Windows 8.

You do not have to replace your PC, as it is possible that your existing computer will handle Windows 10. This depends on its age and the version of Operating system that is installed. Microsoft did allow a free upgrade for a certain period which unfortunately expired on July 29th 2016, however in some cases we are still able to get the software upgrade licence free of charge. The upgrade generally involves reinstalling the operating system and programs from scratch.

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